Our Services for you

We offer our services for a one-time commitment, or for a longer-term commitment:

  • IT Consulting, telecommunication, project management, IT quality- and process management. We help you to find the best decisions and conclusions for you and your IT-equipment.
  • Project management for your IT project. With know-how out of many years practice, with up-to-date methods and tools we will manage your project from concept to production.
  • We design efficient and complex IT-architectures and help you with the decisions to buy the best fitting components for you.
  • We are also happy to act as as general contractor for your server infrastructure project, virtualization, VoIP or hard- / software system upgrade. This means that we take complete care of everything. So you can start using your customized solution as planned.
  • We also care about your administrating your hard- and software. So you know at every instant which devices are in use. And we also take care of any software licensing issues. So that you have the right number of licenses (not to much and not to less) so you will pay just the right amount of money.
  • We offer our own cloud backup solution. So you will be able to save your vital company data without running to a bank safe.
  • We offer an excellent cloud based anti-spam solution, so you will no longer get unwanted E-mails.

Please contact us, if you have questions about the themes above. Please contact us too if you have a problem to which we can provide a solution.